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Interested in Sponsoring? 

Become a Partner/Sponsor for the AI & Agile Summit

The AI & Agile Summit is a transformative event that assembles a diverse array of individuals - technology innovators, AI enthusiasts, Agile practitioners, policy makers, leaders of industry, and much more. Sponsors of this unique summit not only gain the opportunity to engage with potential consumers of their solutions but also get to connect with practitioners at the cutting edge of technology, gaining insights into current challenges and preparing for future trends. Moreover, sponsors play a crucial role in driving the industry forward, with their contributions empowering thought leaders within the community.

Why Partner with the AI & Agile Summit?
  • Connect with Leaders: Build relationships with key decision-makers and influencers in both the AI and Agile industry, paving the way for strategic partnerships.

  • Understand the Landscape: Gain insights into current industry trends, upcoming technologies, and innovative solutions shaping the market.

  • Broaden Your Network: Interact with professionals and enthusiasts who are making significant impacts in the AI and Agile communities.

  • Showcase Your Expertise: Present your unique capabilities to an engaged community, receiving constructive feedback and fostering an environment of shared learning.

  • Raise Your Profile: Increase your visibility within the industry by distinguishing yourself as a contributor to its growth and progress.

  • Enhance Your Exposure: Benefit from extensive marketing outreach as a Summit partner, driving recognition for your brand among a target audience of professionals and enthusiasts.

About the AI & Agile Community

The AI & Agile community is an exciting confluence of technology leaders, developers, Agile coaches, AI specialists, designers, analysts, investors, and more. This collective dreams of a world where AI and Agile methodologies coalesce, paving the way for groundbreaking solutions in every sector of our digital society. By becoming a partner of the AI & Agile Summit, you can contribute to this dynamic vision and help shape a future where technology and agility work hand-in-hand to overcome complex challenges.

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