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Join Us as a Volunteer at the AI & Agile Summit

Interested in shaping the future of technology while gaining valuable professional experience? Join us as a volunteer at the AI & Agile Summit!


This is your opportunity to work behind the scenes of a leading tech conference, network with industry experts, and contribute to the successful orchestration of an event that is redefining the interface between AI and Agile methodologies.

As a volunteer, you will be integral to our mission of fostering a synergy between these two domains. Whether you're assisting with attendee registration, facilitating workshops, or managing event logistics, your participation will make a significant impact.

Volunteering at the AI & Agile Summit is not only about supporting the event but also about growing as an individual and professional. This experience will offer insights into the latest tech trends, provide opportunities for personal development, and enable you to make connections that could shape your career.

Sign up today using our Volunteer Interest Form and be part of the transformative journey at the AI & Agile Summit. Let's together build an event that propels us towards a future where AI and Agile coexist harmoniously, catalyzing innovation across industries.

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